Postgraduate surgical training

The integrity of our society as it pursues clinical research and teaching missions is of paramount importance the challenge posed by potential conflict of interest is one we take extremely seriously.

    Clearly, neither academic nor the government alone is equipped to develop the therapies that are desperately needed to eradicate conflict of interests amongst professionals of all categories.

    Societies must be committed to encouraging Collaborations between professionals while ensuring the transparency of those relationships through a policy that further codifies and enforces our high standards.

Our health care  system suffers from problems of cost ,access and quality and needs  major reforms & when it  comes to surgery much of what we have undertaken as a society over the past 2 decades  reflects our fundamental sense of responsibility sharing and execution to help the needs by way of surgical camping and create the knowledge that can address the nation`s problems to a reasonable  extent and this is a testimony that can situate today’s realities in the context of the past even as we prepare for the future.

The cost of surgery as become the source of even greater anxiety for Ethiopian families at a time when the cost of leaving is skyrocketing and it seems increasingly less affordable.

Like Ethiopian families, medical teaching institutions face intensified financial challenges which adversely constrain the federal funding that fuels scientific research activities.

Ethiopian postgraduate surgical training in its dedication to improve knowledge in breadth & depth has proved a generation of imagination wisdom and creativity the capacities that serve as foundation for building on common future.

Universities must embrace the breadth of ideas and opportunities unfolding across the nation and teaching shall incorporate an enhanced global perspective. The country’s critical challenges are most often borderless and it is this pressing problems that attract the interest and talents of so many in our society as a whole and we increasingly understand how to bring the elements of knowledge -creation together by crossing intellectual and disciplinary boundaries and it is clear that we work most effectively when we unite and do so at very stage of the delivery process.